Armenia TM Centre - Contact Details

Telephone: +37493771715
Centre Chairman: Svetlana Galstyan
Address:16 Quarters, House 45, Apt 84 Yerevan, Armenia

Angela Sulyan
Telephone: +37493 25 46 49, +37499 25 46 49
Viber: 099 25 46 49

Jon Gyumishyan
Telephone: +37495 36 63 18, +37499 35 11 68
Viber: 095 36 63 18

National Director - Svetlana Galstyan

Svetlana has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for over 20 years. She has taught Transcendental Meditation to hundreds of people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. Svetlana says, "Unbounded inner peace is the most rewarding experience easily accessible by anyone regardless of race, gender, culture, religion, education." Her goal is to make Transcendental Meditation available to everyone in Armenia who would like to learn. Svetlana's background is in teaching English to University students.

Local teacher - Angela Sulyan

Angela has been a TM Teacher for about 22 years and has taught thousands of people in different countries. Before that she worked as a medical doctor with an M.D. from Yerevan State Medical University. "I loved my patients and my patients loved me. However, in my practice as a TM Teacher I saw immediate results on people's health, which gave me immense satisfaction."

Local Teacher - Rouzanna Vardanyan

Maharishi made me a Governore in 1991. Following his advise I taught TM in Central Russia and Siberia in 1992. I am planning to go back to school and join the MUM's Sustainable Living Program. My dream is to plant the seeds of the Consciousness-Based Education and Sustainable Living in Armenia.'

Jon Gyumishyan

Local Teacher - Jon Gyumishyan

Certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Teaches in Armenian and English. Participated in advanced retreat course designed by Maharishi"(The Maharishi Purusha program)

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Clare Luard:

"Just over three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which naturally was a huge shock as I had been living a healthy life-style for many decades. I noticed by practising my TM regularly, that the initial shock of the diagnosis eased along with the anxiety as the day of the operation approached. I seemed to recover surprisingly quickly from the surgery and treatment, and I feel TM played a significant part in my overall recovery"